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Is a company specialized in design and production of hand-made kitchens with respect for tradition and with application of 19th century production techniques.

We are specialized in designing kitchens. However, thanks to our expertise and backgrounds in interior design we have all possibilities for creating and realizing complete interiors. This include all aspects you can find in a traditional English country house, such as:

English bathrooms, changing/dressing rooms with walk-in closet, studies, libraries, wine chambers, gentlemen rooms, tack rooms, sculleries, mudrooms, drying/airing rooms, pantries, storage rooms, etc. In all this we monitor the English style in design as well as in choice of materials and in the use of colors.

In our vision a beautiful design is provided by correct measuring, simplicity of style and in harmony with the room/space.


Our philosophy:

“Life is too short to be satisfied with a design that is not absolutely unique or special.”

The ambition/aspiration of the team of ENGELSE KEUKENS is focused on a design as original as possible and with a harmonious end result.

In this, we distinguish ourselves!


Is always looking for materials and colors that support the design. This can be the type of wood of which the furniture is made, but also the unique hand-made knobs and handles. Also, the lighting is of high importance and must match with the entire style. The colors we use in the interior and on the cupboards/cabinets are always in harmony with the feeling and the spirit of the times that the design evokes.


Finds the application of the right color in the room so essential that one of our team members, our ‘color expert/consultant’, who is fully specialized in the application of colors in the context of your house, will come along to define the final color.